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We're proud of the reputation we have for quality and customer satisfaction. We believe it's better to hear about a product from the people who use it than from the company trying to sell it to you. That's why we've dedicated an entire section of our website to testimonials from actual TSW users. Not only do we have several Nascar Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series drivers using our controllers, but also most of the testing team at Papyrus (makers of the most incredible sim racing games available).

Dear TSW, I bought a wheel from you after getting nowhere with cheap Chinese made junk. Being unable to use my legs because of being a paraplegic,I was told of your company by a fellow racer on FSBRACING.COM and, how you may be able to furnish a steering wheel that I could use without the use of my legs. Well, I bought the TSW EZ13 Evolution Analog Steering Wheel and it is great! It has improved my online racing by 100%. It is worth every dollar and has put me on an even level of play with the people whom have the use of their legs. I highly recommend this wheel to anybody. You have made this crippled man very happy and do appreciate your made in America craftsmanship. Thank you so much.

-John S.Palmer


  Being a huge fan of auto sims, I have played several games and used a number of wheels in the past. Until now I thought there was no huge difference from one to the other. Then I received my new TSW2. What a big change. I instantly saw big gains in smoothness and even shaved a few tenths off my lap times, honestly. No matter what game I played I felt I had more control. Not only does the wheel have a better feel and control it is incredibly indestructible. I would go as far to say dropping it off the roof wouldn't harm it. Truthfully I think it's the best buy for your money. If you're a true sim fan these are the wheels for you. Durable, consistent, and more realistic, that’s the TSW2.

Dale Earnhardt Jr

  It's the closest feel to actually driving a race car without leaving the comforts of home. The Superwheel brings the excitement of racing right to your computer while offering the control that a driver demands.

Ryan Newman

  I use my TSW2 on a daily basis. The combination of the Thomas wheel and Papyrus NR2003 is very realistic and has helped me prepare for a lot of the tracks that I have gone to as a rookie this year. I've worn out two less expensive wheels, but this one keeps going strong! The tech support is great as well-the staff at Thomas Enterprises has been helpful since the first time I spoke with them 2 years ago.

Carl Edwards

  The realism of the TSW2 is absolutely unbelievable!!! I use it before every race to better prepare me for the events ahead. The feel of the steering wheel and the response from the gas and brake pedal are far superior to any other product on the market today. When I received the box with the TSW2 inside, it took little to no time to assemble and in minutes I was at the track from inside my living room. I would highly recommend the TSW2 to anyone who has any interest in motor racing.

Jon Wood

I've been a sim racing addict since 1989, and I think I've used every wheel and pedal combo that's come down the pike. In terms of build quality, comfort, durability, and performance, nothing else even comes close to the TSW - period.

Rich Yasi
Director of Design and Production
Papyrus Racing Games

  Before I used my first Thomas Enterprises wheel, I had never really heard of Thomas Enterprises. Our testing department had been raving about the TSW2, but I had never given it a real look (a wheel is a wheel right?). Shawn Wise, Papyrus' QA Manager, was good enough to order one for me to use during the development of our last racing title. "Trust me, you'll like it," he said (or something to that effect...).

When it arrived, one thing was immediately clear; this was a solidly-made wheel. Sturdy, durable, well-featured - I really feel like I'm wrestling a 3400 lb. stock car when I use a Thomas wheel. Other wheels feel like cheap toys in comparison; I simply can't enjoy sim racing with them. I've been using my TSW2 for close to a year, running THOUSANDS of laps (our games require lots of seat time, you know...), and it's still like brand new (I've replaced the steering potentiometer once - that's all).

If you're a serious sim-racer (or sim-developer) and you want a solid wheel that's built to last, I can't recommend a Thomas wheel highly enough. "Trust me, you'll like it."

Tom Faiano
Production Manager
Papyrus Racing Games

I've been a sim racing addict since 1994. I've had literally over 200,000 laps in seat time since then, and I've used a variety of steering wheel/pedal units over the years. There are a lot of good wheels out there that get the job done, but none with the durability and precision that you get with the TSW lineup of wheels. I bought my first TSW in 1996 after wearing out a few of the models available at the local computer stores. I still uses that same unit today and have no doubts that it will last as long as I stay interested in sim racing.

I purchased another TSW when I started my new job in 1998 so I wouldn't have to haul my wheel back and forth to work. They are both working with the same quality and precision as the day I bought them. The only real maintenance required on these units is the occasional potentiometer replacement, and that is required of any controller that gets a lot of use. I've only experienced one problem with my original unit, (three years after the original purchase) and Thomas Enterprises promptly made good on their lifetime warranty. My only expense was the cost of shipping the unit to them for the repairs.

If you don't want to purchase a new steering wheel/pedal unit every time your unit breaks or gets that "slop" in the steering, I would highly recommend the one time purchase of a TSW or TSW2 for your computer racing needs. Precision, durability, a lifetime warranty, and excellent customer service make the TSW the best bang for your buck.

Shawn Wise
Quality Assurance Manager
Papyrus Racing Games

  On my first day at work at Papyrus I was lucky enough to receive a TSW2 Stock wheel. I was so impressed with the performance and feel of the wheel that the first thing I did when arriving home that night was to give my old wheel away! I spend countless hours a week racing sims both at home and work and I will never use another wheel other than a TSW. I guarantee you that you will not find a finer simulation racing wheel on the market today.

Steve Myers
Associate Producer
Papyrus Racing Games

  Having played racing sims for several years I have had the chance to test out nearly every wheel on the market. For the most part I found little to no difference in their performance. There wasn't really any particular wheel which game me an edge over the others. However after switching to my TSW stock wheel I have seen a notable increase in my lap speeds. I would recommend it to anyone looking to shave a few tenths off of their times and wanting to hold a smoother line.

Greg Hill
Assistant Designer
Papyrus Racing Games

  I drive a Limited Sportsman stock car and "feel" is very important to me when driving. For computer racing, TSW wheels offer the most precise "feel" that I have had the opportunity of experiencing.

Otto Szebeni
Marketing Brand Manager
Papyrus Racing Games

I've been using a TSW product for 5 years now. When you add up the quality, durability, and precision of the wheels along with the excellence in customer service, Thomas Enterprises will be out in front of the competition for years to come.

Brian Motisko
Quality Assurance
Papyrus Racing Games

I have used almost every wheel on the market and I have to say that the TSW2 is the best of all of them. The wheel is smoother and allows for better control than its competitors and even with several hours of use on an almost daily basis, for the better part of a year, I have only had to replace 2 pots. I recommend that anyone who is serious about racing sims get a TSW wheel.

Scott Sanford
Quality Assurance
Papyrus Racing Games

I spend several hours a day driving racing sims, and TSW is the only choice for the performance and reliability I need.

Jay Taylor
Quality Assurance
Papyrus Racing Games

  I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how thoroughly impressed I am with your product. I had been using the entry level plastic wheels for years, was somewhat happy running them as replacements were readily available. However the new age racing sims, such as Nascar 4 are far more demanding and with that comes the increased need for a heavy duty wheel/pedal unit that will stand up to the increased punishment.

The ball bearing steering shaft in the TSW feels super smooth and a clutch kit is an awesome addition to add realism to sim racing. In my opinion, when you purchase a TSW it will be the last race controller you will ever need. Quite simply there is not a weak link in them anywhere.

When I first got the TSW I was able to test it and get used to it only a few weeks prior to the first Like Real Racing LAN event of 2001 in Baltimore, MD. Well to make a long story short, I won 5 of 6 races and got 4 poles with it along with the overall Championship. I have never before felt so good and been so consistent as I have been since I began using the TSW.

I expect to have as much if not more continued success in the future as I have enjoyed in the past, now that I am running a TSW. Thanks again for producing the best sim controller available.

Darrin Stevens

  My name is Justin Meiring and I am 5 years old. I wanted to thank you for sending me a Thomas Super Wheel. I love to play with it. Since I am going through chemotherapy and have to wear a brace I'm not allowed to run and play. The Super Wheel lets me have fun without hurting myself. I have a tumor on my spine (plus four other tumors) and the brace keeps the pain away and the chemotherapy will destroy the tumor. I am in my 4th month of chemo. This is the 4th time I have had new tumors and have had to go back to chemo.

I just wanted to say "thank you" very much!

Justin Meiring

Justin is the Great Grandson of Paul Fortin, one of our assembly workers, and the guy who has assembled nearly all of the TSW2's we've ever sold. You're Welcome Justin!

  When I fist got my TSW box it was quite heavy. I could tell right then there was something of quality inside. I took it out of the box with two hands because this was no piece of plastic. The grip on the wheel was unbelievable and the pedals were built like a rock. The base of the pedals was heavy so it wouldn't slide. I hooked it up with ease and calibrated with ease also. Not only was this the smoothest wheel I have ever used but also it was so well built. It is built so good it doesn't feel like any other wheel out there. No matter how hard you are on a wheel this one can take the beating. You will improve your lap times, run much more consistent laps and save them tires much better. The wheel helps get the feel of games to almost match those of a real racecar. Not only do I use my TSW to practice racing during the off-season, but also I use it to help me get the feel for racing sim physics to apply to my real racecar. It really does take racing to another level when you can accomplish all that when you buy a wheel. The best of the best use TSW and if you want to see why they are the best of the best, get a TSW. No more breaking bun gee's and wearing out the wheel.

A Loyal Customer From Here On Out with Thomas-Superwheel,
TJ Majors

I purchased a TSW2 Stock with the button kit installed about 2 weeks ago. I received my TSW2 on Friday. I was very impressed with how little time it took to receive it. When I opened the box containing the TSW2 I was very surprised at how the wheel felt without being connected to my computer. It was the smoothest wheel I have ever tried. My two year old daughter who helped me unpack the wheel even said how nice it felt. When I did hook it up to my computer it only took a couple of minutes to set it up which was very impressive as well.

When I used it for the first time in Nascar 4 it felt really smooth and responsive. I could run my car closer to the bottom of the track and hold it there without much effort. I used a Force Feedback wheel before and found it couldn't do this at all. It would either jerk around or just start to get loose on me. I can honestly say now that FF over compensates and doesn't really give you the feel of what your car is really doing. With the TSW2 I can notice better what the car is doing and I can drive much better with it. This gives a lot better sense of how a car should feel compared to something that jerks your car around.

My TSW2 was the best thing I could have bought for my enjoyment. With the best warranty and the upgrades you can get, a person would have to be crazy not to consider a TSW2 or TSW. With all the wheels on the market these days I know I found the best wheel bar none. Thank You Thomas Enterprises!!!

Scott Leary
Stratford Ontario Canada

WOW!! You people actually respond to e-mail questions. You just earned my complete respect. You also just guaranteeed that I will be buying my new steering wheel from your company. There are at least three other people in my league looking for a good wheel and service. I will be recommending your company. There was never a question concerning your product quality, but your quick response sold me. Thank you!

Scott Winner

....and after the sale:

I recently received my new TSW2 racing wheel. I have to admit that it is absolutely the best wheel/pedal combination I've ever used, and I've used them all. I heard all the stories about how great your wheels were and that if I wanted to be a serious sim racer I had to have one. Honestly I thought it was all hype - until I actually got my own.

I can't thank you folks enough for the outstanding customer service I received. I had a few questions before I decided to buy my new TSW2, so I sent an e-mail. you have no idea how shocked I was when you actually took the time to answer. When I placed my order by phone I spoke with some really nice folks who made me feel very comfortable about my purchase. This was a great experience from beginning to end and I really appreciate it. Thank you for getting my wheel to me so quickly and for the great customer service. I'll make sure I get the word out to everyone in my racing league that they need to get one of these wheels.

Capt Scott Winner
AKA Bigdog

I feel compelled to make a statement and don't even have your wheel yet (ordered about a week ago). Since placing my order, I have really studied your web site, your warranty statements, and the various sim controllers you manufacture. I can't imagine having any problems in doing business with you people. The information contained on your website pales the competition regardless of their size.

I have had other "plastic wheels" by some companies much larger than Thomas Enterprises and was unable to get an answer via e-mail when questions arose. They provide canned FAQ's that may or may not lend you any assistance, and when service is required it's very frustrating to get your problems resolved.

In studying your photo's and text, it would appear that your products are robust, quality, and designed for longevity. I ordered your least expensive model with a couple of upgrades and anxiously look forward to getting it set up on my system. I am not a hard core, serious sim racer, but I do like quality products that are reliable and dependable. I have no doubt that your TSW2 will meet these expectations, so much so that I have strongly recommended your site and your products to a couple of my friends.

Please feel free to use any part of this e-mail in any of your advertising or literature. Now back to my plastic thing until the good stuff gets here.

Jim Baxter

Received my TSW2 back today (2-21-01), and I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic service. The wheel works great and the quick turn-around time is very much appreciated. (I think you beat your estimate of 7 to 10 business days by about 5 to 8 days.) I only wish every company I have/will do business with was as customer oriented as yours. I will recommend your products and your company every chance I get.

Thanks again,
Paul Perry

I want to write a letter and thank all of you for making the best sim-racing controller I have ever used. I've had my new TSW2 Cup for one week now. My lap speeds have increased and my tire wear has decreased significantly! It's a lot easier now for me to run smooth, consistent laps from the beginning of the race to the end.

I've also had the opportunity to take the covers off both the steering and pedal units. The craftsmanship and design are both simple yet durable and well conceived. I don't think I'll ever have to purchase another racing wheel and pedal set, but if I do, you can rest assured that it will be purchased from Thomas Enterprises!

A special thanks goes to Dave Jr. for taking my order and helping me make sure I got exactly what I wanted, and to Dave Sr. for making sure I received my TSW2 before Christmas. You've all been very helpful and courteous in all the correspondence I've had with you over the last 2 weeks as I'm sure you are with all your customers.

I've placed a link to your website on our team racing site and I won't hesitate to recommend your products to all of my friends in the sim-racing community. Of course you're already quite well-known throughout the sim-racing world by those of us who take it just a little too seriously!

Thanks again for everything! I'm quite sure that my TSW2 will still perform with the same smoothness and consistency with 1,000,000 miles on it as it does now with only about 1,500 miles on it.

Darin Tucker
WorTuk Motorsports #9 Chevrolet
Fairmont, Indiana


I just wanted to thank you so much for the great customer service you provided to me during my 'indecisive' ordering process. You were very patient and friendly on the phone and I wanted to make sure you knew it was appreciated.

I received my custom TSW2 Formula on Monday the 4th, just 13 days after placing my order. Great turnaround time considering it was a custom made order and there was Thanksgiving and 2 weekends in there as well. Very happy with how quick it arrived.

The wheel was packaged really well and arrived with no damage what so ever. As soon as I took it out of the box I knew I had made the right choice. The quality of construction and attention to detail was refreshing to say the least.

I installed the wheel in my Sim Pros racing cockpit with no issues. The owners guide that was sent with the wheel was very well written and guided me through the setup process without a single glitch.

I fired up GPL and took an easy lap around lap a little harder, by the third lap I was drifting through the corners on the limits of control and had a grin from ear to ear! This is the best feeling, most precise wheel I have ever used! The pedals are outstanding.. the smoothness of travel and the little bit of extra tension on the brake is just about perfect. The motion of the wheel is also perfect. I can't wait to get more seat time with this setup as I'm sure my lap times are going to drop. The sense of control is THAT good!

Thanks again for the very friendly, quick service! I can't believe I didn't buy one of these sooner!

Kev Schofield

I purchased a "Cup" steering wheel from you recently. I previously had two "Thrustmasters" that either broke, or were difficult to drive with. After balking for months on whether to spend a great deal of money on your wheel, I took the plunge.

The product was shipped on time, and arrived in perfect condition. Calibration on my new computer was a brief problem, but it was solved shortly by a phone call to Thomas Enterprises. YOU took the time, and had the patience to work through my new platform (Windows ME), and I was up and running in Nascar 4 shortly thereafter.

My initial thought of your product after using it was one of quality, but after some serious laps on tracks, I can honestly tell you that the wheel has made me a faster, and much better racer. Compared to my old wheels, the Thomas is a dream to use, and gives me far better control and lap times. I can best describe it as the old ones were toys, but the Thomas feels and responds like I always hoped the others would. Now, after using your wheel, I could never go back to the other wheels I have used in the past. I didn't believe there was much of a difference in steering wheels, but I do now!!! My only regret is that I took so long to convince myself to buy a Thomas!

If anyone is on the fence as to whether to purchase your product, please feel free to give them my e-mail address. Also, feel free to use this letter in any way you wish to. You have an A+ product Dave, and once again... I'm happy I took the plunge!

Capt. Jack Backus

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